Employment and career development of research staff

I am pleased to introduce the University’s Code of Practice for the Employment and Career Development of Research Staff, together with two sets of guidance notes for researchers and for those who work with them.

This Code of Practice, like the national Concordat which it closely reflects and the League of European Research Universities model code of practice, has been introduced in recognition of the realities of research employment in the UK and internationally, in which relatively small numbers of permanent jobs are available.

At Oxford we know that our researchers contribute significantly to our position as one of the world’s leading universities: we believe that employment as a researcher should be an attractive option in itself and that, far from being only a potential stepping stone to permanent academic positions, it can be a springboard to a range of other careers.

The code of practice is designed to enable us to put these beliefs into practice, ensuring that those in research-only roles have access to the career development they need.

In recognition of our dedication to supporting and developing our research staff, the University has been awarded the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Badge, which recognises the systems and practices we currently have in place to support researchers’ career and professional development in line with the national Concordat.

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1. The Code of Practice for the Employment and Career Development of Research Staff

2. Guidance for researchers

3. Guidance for principal investigators, research group leaders, heads of department and departmental administrators

4. Oxford’s commitment to the National Concordat was signed on 22 April 2021 – for more information please see The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.