Job evaluation (Grading)

Job evaluation is a systematic process which is used to assess the relative size of a job by breaking it down into factors for analysis. The results are used to underpin the design and operation of grading structures to help ensure equal pay for work of equal value. The University uses the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) job evaluation scheme to underpin its pay and grading structure. Job descriptions for roles in grades 1-10 are all HERA evaluated when the post is created. This is known as grading. Staff currently in post may also request that their grade be reviewed. This is known as regrading. Requests for both grading and regrading are managed by the Reward team via a staff request raised in the University's HR system. Please see the service status indicator in the right hand bar for current turnaround times.

If you require a job description to be checked outside of either of the grading or regrading process, for example if you are restructuring the duties in a team please contact the Reward team for advice.

The traffic light status is determined by the volume of requests received over the previous 30 days.

Turnaround times are based on median turnaround times over the previous 30 days.