Pay & Conditions

During her admission speech in January 2023 the Vice-Chancellor, Irene Tracey, commissioned an independent analysis of all aspects of pay and conditions for University staff, and colleagues on joint appointments between the University and Colleges.


The purpose of the Pay & Conditions project is to conduct a comprehensive review of the total reward and benefits offer across all staff groups, and to report to the Vice-Chancellor and University Council on its findings and recommendations.

College-only staff are not within scope of this review, as Oxford Colleges are each independent employers within the collegiate University community.

Further information about the scope and key themes of this review can be found in the Project Charter and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Review timeline

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From early June – Outcomes of the review to be shared with all staff

13 May 2024 – Council met to discuss a plan of action in response to the review

April/early May 2024 – Discussion with divisional and college leadership, and through University committees; further discussion as part of the Week 1 Council meeting of Trinity term, on 22 April

March 2024 – Review findings and implications discussed by Council

February 2024 – Review findings reported to Council

January 2024 – Steering Committee met to agree recommendations to progress to Council

December 2023 – Initial findings shared with the Vice-Chancellor

November 2023 – Staff feedback form closed 

October 2023 – All-staff Town Hall meeting on Pay & Conditions; nine staff focus groups convened 

September 2023 – Pay & Conditions FAQs launched 

August 2023 – Staff feedback form opened

June 2023 – Benchmarking and data analysis work began 

June 2023 – First Steering Committee meeting 

May 2023 – All-staff Open Forum on people, pay and conditions

May 2023 – Pay & Conditions webpages launched

April 2023 – Steering Committee formed and Project Charter agreed 

February & March 2023 – Project team and administrative resource assembled

January 2023 – Report commissioned in the Vice-Chancellor’s Admissions Speech 

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