Circulars have now been discontinued (with effect from January 2023) and information is now being circulated to departmental heads, HAFs and relevant colleagues using the regular Cascade mechanism.

HR circulars issued in the period 2018-2022 can be downloaded below and a list of earlier circulars can be downloaded at the end of this page. Earlier circulars can be requested from 


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Number Subject

Personnel Committee guidance in relation to reviews of the initial period of office of APs

PERS(19)07 2019 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff
PERS(19)06 Revision of University salary scales 2019: all non-clinical staff
PERS(19)05 Updated examiner/assessor letters of engagement and holiday pay for individuals engaged on undergraduate examination boards
PERS(19)04 Recoding miscellaneous pay and the introduction of new allowances
PERS(19)03 Research funder policies and requirements on bullying and harassment
PERS(19)02 Hours on payslips

Revisions to the No Smoking Policy, to include vaping


Number Subject

2018 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff


Revision of University salary scales 2018: all non-clinical staff

PERS(18)03 Outside appointments – revised OA1 form
PERS(18)02 Updated retirement guidance, templates and EJRA forms

The Living Wage: Change to Grade 1 and Grade 1A of the salary and grading structure


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