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People Committee is one of the main committees of the University's Council. It is responsible for personnel and equality matters connected with the employment of the University's employees. 

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The HR Advisory Group provides advice to the HR Policy Team (and on occasion to other central teams who ‘own’ policies) on the development of new and revised policies, with a particular focus on how those policies will work in practice. 

The Group is advisory, with no formal decision-making powers. Instead, members provide expert advice on issues and challenges associated with current policies, gaps in provision, and potential issues with new policies, particularly from an operational perspective.

The Group comprises two or three members from each of the academic divisions, GLAM and UAS, totalling 12-15 members at any one time. The majority of members are experienced Heads of Administration and Finance who have a broad perspective on the issues to be faced when operationalizing a new or revised policy, and sufficient experience and understanding of the University to anticipate any issues arising.  A minority of members may be HR specialists who can comment on how a policy will be implemented locally.


The divisional registrar (where appropriate) will nominate candidates for the Group when vacancies arise.


The central HR team will also consult with other groups on policy development and review  where appropriate, including with Trades Unions, staff networks, HR networks, EDI advisors, Occupational Health, etc.


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