Hours of work

Departments may not vary the University's agreed hours of work other than in discussion with University HR.

University support staff

University support staff (ie grades 1 - 5) work 36.5 hours per week.

Academic-related staff

Academic-related staff (ie grades 6 - 10) work such hours as are reasonably required to carry out their duties to the satisfaction of the head of department. However, for the purposes of calculating pro-rata salary and holiday entitlement for part-time staff, a notional figure of 37.5 hours per week should be used.

Requests for flexibility in working hours for religious observance

All staff, regardless of religious belief or non-belief, are required to work in accordance with their contract. However, administrators should make every effort to ensure that those whose religion requires them to pray at certain times during the day are free to do so. If a post has a requirement for attendance at work during particular hours or days of the week, and there are objective operational reasons why flexibility would not be possible, care should be taken to ensure that this is clearly stated in the further particulars of posts. Employees are advised to discuss any requests for flexibility with line managers, who may wish to agree arrangements to ensure that any agreed time away from work is made up.


Page last reviewed 1 March 2023

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