Grading service review: communications and updates

The grading service review is committed to involving staff in its work. Please view the archive of communications and updates related to the review below. 


Feedback on user experience is sought from departments and a revised application form and guidance notes for the regrading process are piloted. 

From week commencing 26 June 2023, changes were made to two Staff Request position types. 

1.     'New post – Generic (amended)' was retired

2.     'New post – Existing JD' was added

The new position types are intended to clearly indicate that a job is based on an existing JD, regardless of which department this was in. This position type will not require a check from a grading analyst.

The Staff Request and Contract Decision matrix was simplified and placed into a new Excel format, as an interactive tool, so support departments to select the most appropriate position type for their needs.

A temporary triage service is launched in order to manually review requests. This led to grading turnaround times being reduced by 2 days on average and 20% fewer gradings required overall. A range of recommendations on system improvements are made following the findings of triage. 

Sarah Kilgour, Head of Reward, provides an update on the key recommendations from the recent HR Grading Service Review and what this means for colleagues who are involved in staff recruitment.

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