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The Reward team have responsibility for processes which require a staff request to be raised in PeopleXD (the University’s HR system). This page only provides guidance in relation to reward activities. Detailed guidance on how to raise a staff request is provided on the HR Systems website.

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When raising a staff request, you are required to select a position type. It is important that you refer closely to the Staff request and Contract Decision Matrix when selecting the position type, because this instructs the reward team as to which process the request should follow. Choosing an incorrect position type may lead to your staff request having to be rejected and resubmitted, or graded uneccessarily.

The table below shows the position types and additional information which instruct the Reward team how to process the staff request:

Position type Key additional
New post - Generic JD Provide generic reference number Set up   
New post - Existing JD Provide previous post/request number Set up
New post - New JD   Graded & set up
Regrading Grade 1-9 Graded & set up if successful
New post - correction   Set up
New post - duplicate   Set up
Replacement/refill   Set up
Existing post - new contract   Set up


Jobs will not require full evaluation if the analyst can match the post to a generic JD, or a previously graded JD. Please therefore choose your position type carefully and provide any information in relation to the job description in the additional information of the staff request, as it may enable us to process the request more swiftly. It is at the discretion of the reward team as to whether a job description requires grading or not and a job description should be attached to all requests regardless of whether or not grading is required.

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Once the initial evaluation is complete, the analyst will complete an analysis code on the post in order to record which grading process was followed. Once this information has been recorded on the post, the reward team will pick this up the next time the post comes through for appointment and as long as there are no significant changes to the job description, the request will bypass the grading process. It is important to inform the reward team in the additional information in the staff request if there have been changes to a job description.

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Where a staff request requires grading, the request will be processed within 10 working days. If the analysis does not bring the role out at the expected grade, a role analyst will be in touch with you to discuss your options within the 10 working day period. Staff requests which do not require grading will be processed within 1-2 working days.

If you have a query about the progress of a staff request, please ensure that you have the staff request number to hand or include the staff request number in the subject heading. This number enables us to track your request quickly.

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