Academic Career and Reward Framework

Workstream 3: Academic Reward and Recognition


This workstream aims to propose a reward and recognition framework which is clearly aligned to career pathways.

The proposals aim to deliver:

  1. Rewards that provide clear promotion steps and recognition of teaching alongside research; 
  2. Clarity on pay benchmarks and pay mechanisms; and
  3. Improved satisfaction with pay and benefits


Work carried out under the Reward and Recognition stream falls into a number of stages:

  1. Benchmarking and considering differences in total reward;
  2. Mapping pay structures to proposed career pathways;
  3. Developing and aligning a reward and recognition framework aligned to proposed career pathways; and
  4. Modelling and costing proposed pay structures and wider reward framework


Date Update
November 2023 Academic and research pay benchmarking has now been completed as part of the Pay & Conditions review. This is being reviewed by the Committee to establish recommendations which will be reported to the Academic Career and Reward Framework Steering Group in early 2024. 
July 2023 The terms of reference for pay benchmarking have been agreed by the Steering Group and this work is being carried out over the summer. The outcomes of the pay benchmarking will be reported to both the Steering Group for this project and the Steering Committee for the Pay and Conditions Report.