Honorary research agreement

There are circumstances in which researchers who are not employed by the University perform research here, on a purely voluntary basis, using University facilities and in connection with a University research project. 

For example:

  • former employees of the University who have retired from employment and who wish, on a voluntary basis and in a manner which does not undermine the Aims of the EJRA, to continue their involvement in research and/or to provide advice to DPhil students whom they used to supervise.

While a Visitor Agreement is appropriate in many circumstances, an Honorary Research Agreement (HRA) may be appropriate for those who have a longstanding connection with the University, such as in the circumstances described above. Such researchers may be described as ‘Honorary Researchers’, but may also be referred to as ‘Honorary Research Fellows’ or ‘Honorary Research Investigators’.

Honorary Researchers must sign an HRA to ensure that the interests of both parties are protected. The HRA is a formal University document intended to provide clarity and security for both parties. 

When considering an HRA for a retired member of staff, departments should consult the guidance available below, and may also wish to consult the Retirement Guidance for Staff and Managers. The retirement guidance includes further details about other ways retirees can stay connected to the University, for example, through use of the Retirees’ University card, continued membership in Congregation (up to age 75 for some staff), etc.

Template and supporting documents

Please see below for the HRA template, guidance for departments, and template cover letter:

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