Frequently asked questions about W+FS

Having problems logging in?

In order to verify that you are an eligible employee Work+Family Space  will check your SSO user name (eg dept1234) and your employee number (a 7 digit number that you will find on the bottom left hand side of your payslip, or your departmental HR contact can provide for you).  Work+Family Space will check these details against a monthly data file of current employees to verify eligibility.

If you are a casual workervisitorstudent, or engaged through the Temporary Staffing Service, or employed by a College you are not currently eligible for this service, which is an employee benefit for University employees.

If you are a current University employee, check the numbers you have input.  NB - your employee number is NOT the same as the number on your University card.

If you still can't log in, ask your HR contact to email, confirming you are an eligible employee.

No, the benefit is only available to University employees, so you must use the employee number and SSO username that relate to your University post.

No, the employee number is on your payslip (in the bottom left hand corner, or above your name and address on the cover) - the number printed on your University card is different and will not work.  If you can't find a payslip, the HR contact in your department can let you know what your employee number is. 

This is the code you use on all the University's IT system and will be in the format 'dept1234'.  It will not necessarily relate to the department you currently work in if you have worked in more than one department, as it does not change and remains a unique identifier for you.  So staff who first took a temporary role through the University's Temporary Staffing Service will continue to have an OTSS1234 number even if they then move into an employed role within a department.

The benefit is only available through the University for employees.  However, individuals can subscribe on an individual basis - see Emergency childcare for details.

About Work+Family Space services

the Work+Family Space is the UK's leading provider of family-friendly benefits offering a range of services to help employers support their working parents and carers.

However your family is made up, you’ll get a personalised experienced that grows with you, and your family, as your needs change. Work+Family Space offer simple, practical solutions, and a load of free tools and resources. Plus Backup Care for when your regular care arrangements let you down.

Emergency Childcare

Emergency childcare includes last minute nannies, nurseries, and childminders.  Anywhere in the UK.

School Holiday Cover

Access to nationwide holiday clubs.  For planned school holiday cover it will be cheaper for you to book with the holiday club direct, but in the event that you need a holiday club at short notice you can use the Work+Family Space to source a place.

Backup Adult & Eldercare

This might includes domiciliary care for an elderly relative, or any adult dependent, or even for yourself.  And can be arranged anywhere in the UK.

Registering with My Family Care is free for employees, but if you want to book Backup Care you need to meet the costs yourself.

It is strongly recommended that you register in advance of needing any Backup Care service.  

With Adult and eldercare pre-registration is essential, firstly because My Family Care need to source a care agency near to the person who needs care (this is done on a case-by-case basis), and the care agency then need to carry out a home assessment:  this is a legal requirement before any care can be set up. My Family Care aim to be able to arrange a home assessment within a couple of days.

Emergency childcare, or school holiday cover, can be arranged at shorter notice but registering in advanced is always preferred.  This is so you are fully prepared should you have a care breakdown, and it also allows My Family CAre to communicate with you about your closest options so that you have a chance to visit before making a booking.

The Work+Family Space is a nationwide provider so you can access care anywhere in the UK.

Unfortunately, Work+Family Space  services are only available in the UK.

The Work+Family Space is a nationwide provider so you can access care anywhere in the UK.

Not at all.  The decision about whether to stay at home with a sick dependent, or to use a back-up care arrangement is for you to make.  If you are able to work from home, you might even book a nanny to look after your child but work from home so that you are still near by.

The Work+Family Space are happy to consider adding any new providers who are not already on their lists and will work with you  and the care provider to try to arrange this.

An emergency doesn't have to be a first thing in the morning panic - you can access this benefit whenever your normal care arrangements break down and stop you fulfilling your work commitments.