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The Work + Family Space is a University benefit for all employees that offers access to emergency back-up childcare and adultcare, a 'speak to an expert' phone line, and a wide range of guides and webinars.

Access to the services, phone lines and web guidance is free for University employees, but you will need to meet the costs of any care that you book.

The Work + Family Space is provided by My Family Care, a part of Bright Horizons

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By registering you can access emergency childcare: nannies, childminders or nursery places.  You will need to pay for the care that you book.  You can book care close to your home or place of work, or elsewhere in the UK, for example if you are travelling to a conference and would like to take your child with you.


Domiciliary care for an elderly relative, any adult dependent, or even for yourself.


Once you've registered with the Work+Family Space, you can arrange telephone consultations with a range of experts who can help you with work+family challenges. Examples of topics covered include:

  • Adult and eldercare challenges, such as exploring care options, caring at a distance, covering the costs of care
  • Child development issues
  • Combining work and caring responsibilities

Not sure where to start? Download our step-by-step guide for accessing the Speak to an Expert service: Speak to an Expert: How to guide (PDF)


A library of invaluable, detailed guides makes it easy for you to access the right information on a range of work+family issues, from thinking about starting a family to finding care or arranging power of attorney for an elderly relative.


Upcoming Webinar

Alternative Voices: Living Diversity & Inclusion

Wednesday 13th July 2022 - 12.30pm – 1.15pm

Going beyond understanding the policy and intention of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces to explore what it means in practice.

What are the obstacles and on-going biases many still face in getting further in their careers? What’s needed to overcome these?

Webinar library

The Work+Family Space hosts a library of webinars, which is regularly added to, covering a broad range of work+family topics, helping working parents and carers combine work and family life. For example:

For parents For carers
  • Understanding neural difference
  • My Old Man (Parenting in later life)
  • Choosing Schools: What, When, Why?
  • Fostering and Adoption
  • Caring from a Distance
  • Resilience for Carers
  • Caring & Your Career: Keeping Work and Home on Track
  • Co-operation in Caring

As well as webinars for everyone such as

  • Performing under pressure, the neuroscience of stress management
  • Mindfulness for busy professionals



You can access a series of questions and answers, plus regular webinars, exploring parenthood and successfully combining work+family, from the perspective of dads.


Bubble is a childcare search app, helping thousands of working parents quickly and conveniently arrange ad-hoc and regular childcare, help with household chores, or additional family support.

You won't have to pay a booking fee on 'sits' in the app, allowing you to find sitters / nannies / housekeepers / pet sitters on a recurring or block booking basis. You simply pay for the cost of care. Simply use your work email when signing up on the app:

By registering with the Work+Family Space you can find out about all these care options

Nanny Tax

Perfect for working professionals looking for help managing nannies' finances, admin, and more


The Tinies team can support your family in locating a permanent nanny, ensuring they match your needs. All checks are undertaken by Tinies.


Do you need some help looking after your loved one at home? SuperCarers help families connect personally with adult and eldercare providers - giving you access to local professional carers, helping you to manage care online, and save money in the process.

Helping Hands

Support with a family members at home care package. Helping Hands will work with you and your loved one to determine the best care required.


Find out more

Download a presentation explaining more about Work+Family Space's services  MFC introduction (PDF)


To access the Work + Family benefit, you need to register at 

You will need to provide a bit of information, including:

  • your SSO username (dept1234) and
  • your employee number, which you will find on your payslip or through HR Self-Service.

This information is required in order for you to be verified as an employee of the University. You only need to provide these details when you first register, after which you can create a personal login.

Work+Family Space registration page

Having problems logging in? See the FAQs page.

Family leave 

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity, & Shared Parental Leave and Pay and flexible working schemes



To register visit the Work+Family Space website 

You will need your:

  • SSO username (eg abcd1234)
  • employee number (on your payslip)

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Work+Family Space Log-in

Contact the Work+Family Space


Phone: 0345 241 5306

Promotional materials

You can download the following materials to use locally: