The 'Day One' family leave scheme

Since January 2020 any new starter to the University will qualify for the University’s contractual enhanced family leave benefits as long as:

  • they have started work for the University before the EWC of their child and before they commence any period of family leave
  • they intend to return to work for the University after their period of leave. If they do not return, or upon return, do not work for a minimum of three months then the University reserves the right to reclaim any non-statutory payments the individual has received. 

Interaction with statutory benefits

Entitlement to the University’s family leave benefits does not make staff eligible for statutory benefits. Eligibility for statutory benefits is determined by the Government. 

There is an online calculator to help you work out your entitlements

Where an employee is entitled to statutory benefits they must claim them – the University scheme ‘tops up’ statutory entitlements but does not replace them.   Employees claiming maternity payments through the Day One scheme will be required to give their employing department details of the statutory benefits they are receiving (Statutory Maternity Payments from another employer, and the amounts paid, or Maternity Allowance and details of the rate and period of payment).

Action for HR Teams

Recording and coding on People XD

It is essential that employees taking up the ‘Day One’ family leave scheme benefits are easily identifiable on People XD and distinct from those who are eligible to have statutory payments made to them through the University’s Payroll. Action and Reason codes have therefore been created to allow recording of family leave taken under ‘Day One’ entitlement:

  • Maternity leave start and end– no SMP included
  • Adoption leave start and end– no SAP included
  • Paternity leave start and end– no SPP included
  • Shared Parental leave start and end – no ShPP included

Please refer to the People XD guidance for details. 

Informing Payroll

The Payroll forms for family leave  set out the information that HR teams need to collect from employees about any statutory pay entitlements they have. Employees who started work with the University after the qualifying week may be eligible for Statutory Adoption or Maternity Pay from a previous employer, or Maternity Allowance.  Payroll need not only confirmation that SMP or SAP or MA is being claimed elsewhere, but also – where 6 weeks’ pay at 90% of AWE is payable - the amount to be paid during that period so that the appropriate amount can be paid via the University to mean that the employee will continue to receive the equivalent of their full University salary during that period.