Long service leave

The University scheme for long service leave is set out below:
Years of continuous service
More than (yrs) Less than (yrs) Days leave *
5 7 1
7 10 2
10 15 3
15 20 4
20 - 5

* Long service leave should be pro rata for part-time staff

Staff are eligible for the additional holiday entitlement once they have passed the length of service threshold.  However, applying the additional leave on the anniversary of the continuous service start date will give rise to complex calculations.  Therefore, the extra day should be applied from the start of the holiday year within which the length of service threshold will be crossed.  The University’s holiday calculator spreadsheet uses this methodology. [Where departments have been using a different methodology to date, the newly clarified policy will be reflected in the 22/23 leave year.]

Staff who have had a break or breaks in service for domestic reasons (for example, maternity leave or family commitments such as the care of relatives), provided that during the break they have taken no other paid employment, should have any period of continuous service in employment with the Chancellors, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford at the time of commencing each break in service for domestic reasons counted for the purposes of calculating long service leave entitlement.

For the purpose of reckoning long service leave only, length of continuous service within higher education (without a break in service) may be counted,  but must be evidenced.

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