Gifts to employees on retirement

In the past the University made a contribution (£252 in 2009-10) from a central fund towards a gift for employees retiring after 40 or more years’ service. Regretfully, in the current difficult financial climate, the University’s Planning and Resource Allocation Committee has decided that it is no longer possible to provide central funding for this purpose.

Departments may still, if they wish, make a contribution towards a gift from their own resources: the total sum contributed by the department must not exceed the maximum ceiling set by the Inland Revenue, which is currently £50 per year of service. Any departmental contribution must be used to purchase a gift, and in no circumstances can the employee be given the money. Further advice on any tax implications can be sought from the Head of Accounting Services. (Any amount collected by colleagues within the department is not currently subject to any tax liability and it is up to departments to decide how this should be organised.) 

It is hoped that a Pro-Vice-Chancellor or one of the Proctors or Pro-Proctors will be available to attend the departmental presentation which marks such retirements.  Departments should contact the Proctors’ Office about the arrangements at the appropriate time.