Example induction programme

The People and Organisational development team provides more detailed guidance for administrators on organising orientation and induction for new staff.

An on-line induction programme is also available to all staff, who should be encouraged to make use of this early on in their appointment.

New employees should also be made aware of the more formal induction and training opportunities, details of which are available from People and Organisational Development.

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The new employee should be advised, normally by the line manager, of the full requirements of his or her post, and given any other information will enable him or her to settle in quickly and become effective. They should be advised of the on-line induction programme run by the People and organisational development and encouraged make use of this as early as possible.

The departmental induction programme might include clarification of:

  • the core duties and responsibilities of the job, by reference to the job description, etc.
  • current departmental working practices and procedures
  • any work protocols, guidelines or other relevant written information (including health and safety information)
  • supervisory arrangements, including who the employee should approach if he or she has any queries or problems at work
  • any training or development needs (a useful summary of available training is available from the Staff Gateway
  • basic terms and conditions of employment, including working hours and who to contact if unable to come into work for any reason
  • the departmental requirements for reporting in sick and requesting annual leave
  • an information sheet on employee relations in the University
  • overseas new starters may need help with personal arrangements such as setting up bank account or registering with GP (see Further Information)
  • the arrangements for review during the probationary period (if relevant).

Research staff and their supervisors should also be advised of the requirements of the Code of Practice for the employment and career development of research staff.

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  • Arrange regular meetings with the new starter to review progress.

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