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Recruitment processes are run at local, departmental level but University employees are employed by the ‘Chancellor, Master and Scholars of the University’. Contract templates are therefore standardised and departments should not alter the template contract wording.

Departmental HR teams are responsible for producing standard employment-related correspondence for support and academic-related posts, including offer letters, contracts, contract cover letters and contract amendments and extensions.

Contractual documentation should be drafted through CoreHR. Non-Core templates, and guidance notes, below are provided for information. 

See the guidance on variants, below, for additional information about extensions over the EJRA, apprentices, RSIV and ALC6, Departmental Administrators, regraded posts, Marie Curie fellows, E64 clinical training fellows, and Market Pay supplements.


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  • June 2019 - updates to the Pensions annexe, reflecting changes to contributions rates
  • May 2018 - updates to the Data Protection terms, reflecting the introduction of the GDPR. The casual letters also include a new declaration and a minor clarification made to the pensions notice for OSPS members
  • September 2017 - the revised EJRA, changes to OSPS salary exchange, and clarification of calculation of day's pay

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Employment contracts for academic staff are issued by divisional offices.

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If no offer letter is to be used, contracts must be accompanied by the list of documents confirming entitlement to work in the UK


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(last updated Aug 2017)

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Please produce Senior Clinical Research Fellows (grade E82) contracts via CoreHR.

(Last updated July 2019)

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Contracts for departmental administrators are signed by the Registrar. Please produce a draft contract using CoreHR as normal and then email the document to who will arrange for it to be printed onto the Registrar’s letterhead and signed off.

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RSIV and ALC6 appointments may only be made once the Senior Appointments Panel has given approval (contact your HR Business Partner for details).

RSIV and ALC6 appointments are academic-related and the standard academic-related contract should be produced through CoreHR. The only difference is that none of the standard salary paragraphs apply since there is no incremental scale but instead a personal salary is applied. Once the contract document has been completed please replace all the optional paragraphs under ‘Grade and salary’ with the following wording:

“Grade and salary: this appointment is at grade ALC6/RSIV. Your salary is payable at the rate of £ XX,XXX a year, pro rata for part-time appointments.”

Paragraph 4.2 of the terms and conditions clarifies that the salary quoted is subject to any general increases applied to all salaries of that grade and therefore no additional wording is required.

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When a letter is received from the EJRA panel confirming that a request to extend employment beyond the EJRA has been approved, a new fixed-term contract should be issued. Only ONE of the standard contractual paragraphs needs amendment: the first of the two paragraphs for fixed-term contracts on expiry and notice should be replaced with the following:

“Expiry date and notice period: this is a fixed-term appointment. Unless it is terminated earlier either by notice, or under the provisions of Statute XII, Part C or Statute XII, Part B, D, or E of the University’s Statutes, it will expire on  DD/MM/YYYY, which becomes your retirement date as agreed under the University’s  procedure for considering requests to work beyond the Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA). This carries with it no commitment to a subsequent career appointment within the University. Vacancies for such appointments are open to competition from within and outside the University.

Your appointment may be terminated…  ”

The Statement of Terms does not need amendment: all the terms, including those relating to pensions and the normal retirement date, should be left as they are since they only refer to standard terms and are equally applicable to those given permission to stay beyond the EJRA.

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Apprenticeships templates can be found on the templates page

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Where a post has been successfully regraded a new contract must be produced and issued. In cases where the regrading is to be back-dated the contract should be dated with the current date, and a side letter drafted including the following words:

"Your post has been regraded with effect from DD/MM/YYYY.  Your new contract is attached and a back-payment will be made in your [month] payment for the period DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY."



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Those engaged on E64 Clinical training fellowships, where

  • the purpose of the fixed-term engagement is to complete a course of training
  • the reason that the fixed-term contract would not be renewed at its completion is because the training has been completed, and
  • the fellows might be replaced by new training fellow

should be issued with a standard CMS fixed-term appointment academic-related contract. 

The accompanying contract cover letter must include justification number 4: “the post to which you have been appointed is intended specifically to provide a time-limited period of training or development [provide brief details]”. (If the individual is a limited-term visa holder, also include paragraph 6).

When such contracts reach their completion date, as long as the reason for non-renewal is that the training has been completed the reason for employment ending is not redundancy but ‘some other substantial reason', and therefore no redundancy payment is due.

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Contracts for Marie Sklodowska Curie fellows should not be produced in Core HR and can be downloaded as word documents above.

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For Market Pay supplements contact the Reward Team for advice and contractual wording.

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More information about who has authority to sign contracts and use of electronic signatures can be found in  the section who can hire and dismiss


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