HR self-assessment & data collection exercise

Each year departments are asked to complete an HR self-assessment questionnaire and data collection online survey  relating to the previous calendar year  and  the exercise reviewing the calendar year 2021 is now open. 

The purpose of the exercise is for departments to review their compliance with HR policies and procedures and to gather data which informs reporting and projects across the HR function. 

It is a 2 part exercise:

  • Part 1 is a self-assessment exercise, completed offline, the purpose of which is to enable you to review whether your department is completing essential, regular HR activities.  This is a departmental, rather than personal, ‘self-assessment’ exercise and only one submission is required per department which should be completed by the HR lead for the department, in conjunction with any HR colleagues. 
  • Part 2 is a data collection exercise carried out through an online survey tool.  As the survey asks about a range of issues, and some questions require numerical data, a Word version of the questions is available for those departments who want to collate the information before completing the online survey. However, if you prefer you can go straight to the online survey once you have completed the self-assessment checklist.

For UAS departments a slightly different version of the survey is used reflecting the different structure within central services so UAS colleagues should await further information from the UAS HR team which will follow soon.

Academic departments are asked to complete the exercises reviewing the calendar year 2021 by 25 February 2022