Professorial merit pay 2020

This page is for those who are eligible to apply for Professorial Merit Pay in the 2020 exercise.

Those eligible to apply are:

  • statutory professors and readers (except clinical professors and readers); and,
  • associate professors, keepers, and staff on the academic-related grades and on RSIV contracts who hold the title of full professor and who are employed by the University on non-clinical contracts.

Applicants must be employed by the University on 1 January 2020.

Those holding the title of reader and those holding the title of associate professor are not eligible to apply in this exercise.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible for the exercise please check with your divisional office.



The online system for applications opens in May 2020. Between those dates applicants should click on the link below for their division and follow the instructions provided in the Call for Applications and Procedures document and on-screen.

Please note that references should be sent to the relevant division by email as outlined in the Call for Applications and Procedures document.


The online system is normally intended for people applying for jobs and there is therefore some information on the screens which is not relevant to applications for the conferment of title. Please ignore the information that only applies to job applications. For any technical difficulties with the web application, please refer to the recruitment support guidance.


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