Manager’s checklist for the prevention of work-related stress

This Checklist (DOC) is based on the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Management Standards’, which represent a set of conditions that contribute towards high levels of health, well-being, and organisational performance.

The checklist is designed to provide managers and staff with guidance on practical steps they can take to prevent or address workplace issues that might have an adverse effect on health and performance.

[Note: this checklist should not be used to deal with performance/capability issues, which should be dealt with under the appropriate procedures]

The checklist can be used to:

  • identify work-related issues that might have an adverse effect on health and work performance;
  • assist in the management of cases of stress;
  • identify reasonable adjustments that could be implemented to reduce the risk of adverse effects; and
  • identify sources of support at work.

The University Occupational Health Service website provides further guidance and sources of support in dealing with stress.

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