Fixed-term contracts: appointment, renewal and extension

Applies to: all fixed-term appointments


Action for departments

  • The contract cover letter must accurately identify the reasons for the fixed-term contract
  • The induction (or contract renewal) processes for fixed-term staff should include information about the support available to staff at the University with regard to training and career development. The purpose of this is to ensure that, whilst employed, individuals have access to the range of available training and development resources which will assist them with finding alternative employment at the end of the contract
  • Probation periods should be managed carefully in line with the guidance 
  • For research staff: new research staff should be made aware of:


Action for individuals

  • Individuals should seek out and engage with the development opportunities available to them from the beginning of their period of employment
  • Individuals should participate in induction and actively engage with the probation process: understanding their probation period, and ensuring that they are offered sufficient probation review meeting(s) and support and training to successfully complete the probation period
  • Research staff should attend a Welcome Event for research staff and familiarise themselves with the range of support available, for example by exploring the support for researchers website