Staff Sharing Scheme


Staff returning from furlough may experience a reduced workload due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, whilst some departments may have seen an increase in their workload. The aim of the Staff Sharing Scheme is to facilitate a collaborative approach in utilising existing staff within the University to cover any short-term staffing requirements in departments on a temporary basis when more local sharing of staffing resources has not been able to take place.

The Temporary Staffing Service will provide a mechanism for departments, faculties and divisions to identify underutilised staff who may be able to support other functions across the University, either working from home or on-site as required. 



There would be no change in terms and conditions for the employees who have been shared, and this will represent no additional cost to the University. For clarity, the salary costs would be covered by the ‘home’ not the ‘host’ department.

  • Departments with resource requirements contact TSS to register this information
  • A member of the team will send you a short form to complete to capture further information about the nature of the requirement
  • Resource list of suitable staff is then shared with departments who have short term requirements
  • Managers can then reach out directly to staff members who they think would be a good match for the duties and temporary assignment of these duties will be arranged directly between the home and host department
  • If staffing requirements cannot be met through the Staff Sharing Scheme, TSS is able to source temporary workers using their existing candidate database. For further information on how this works, please go to  
  • Departments/faculties/divisions identify staff returning from furlough who are able to work from home or on-site (if required) and would be willing to help other parts of the University
  • Employee names and contact emails/numbers are passed on to TSS who will make direct contact with the individuals
  • Staff will be asked to complete a short template outlining their skills, knowledge of University systems and Microsoft Office software in order to build a skills profile
  • This profile will be added to a resource list that will be shared with departments who are looking for additional support within their function
  • Staff will be contacted directly by departments to discuss temporary resource requirements 
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