Interview briefing for candidates

Many candidates will be used to virtual interactions, but it is important to provide clear and consistent guidance to ensure fairness to all candidates and to create an effective interview environment.

We offer some tips below:

  • Provide clear instructions for joining the call – preferably through one click from an electronic calendar invitation
  • Ensure they have the right technology and appropriate software and remind them to check their broadband / signal quality
  • Provide a contact name and telephone number and let the candidate know what to do in the event of technical problems
  • Provide guidance on appropriate dress code and advise them to find a quiet space for the session
  • Describe how the interview will be structured (e.g. Chair makes introduction, goes round for panellist introductions, chair outlines process)
  • Explain that the panel will appear on-screen in the normal way for a technology-enabled conference (e.g. as individual tiles)
  • Under current circumstances, some individuals may have a sub-optimal environment (e.g. more noise than normal around them) which may make a panel interview harder to follow. Reassure the candidate that you will make allowances and remind them to say if they can’t hear or understand a question
  • If the candidate has requested any reasonable adjustments for the interview, explain what arrangements have been made to accommodate these and check that they are satisfied with these