World Menopause Day - watch the workshop

In the run up to this year’s World Menopause Day (18 October) we ran an online workshop for staff ‘Menopause: the last taboo’ which was facilitated by Lesley Salem, founder of Over the Bloody Moon. 270 staff joined the workshop and the recording is available from the University’s Menopause in the workplace guidance website until 12 November.   We’ll be re-running the workshop in February.

On the website you will also find new guidance for individuals who are experiencing negative impacts of menopause at work, and for the managers and colleagues who can support them as well as resources and a number of case studies from staff who have described their own experience of menopause at Oxford. 

We would love to be able to add more case studies, particularly from academic or research staff colleagues.  If you are willing to take part, please get in touch with