Free workshop: Menopause and the workplace 7 February

Menopause and the workplace: free online workshop 7 February

Do you still think that menopause is just hot flushes and irritability, and only affects women in their 50s? Would you know how to respond if a colleague said they were ‘menopausal’?  Do you know someone you think might be experiencing the negative effects of menopause, and would like to understand more?

In October 2022, to support the launch of our new guidance on Menopause in the workplace, we partnered with Over the Bloody Moon to run a free online workshop Menopause: the last taboo. Nearly 300 colleagues joined us for this, with many others viewing the recording after the session.  Many of our attendees had personal experience of menopause and were interested to learn more about how to identify and manage their own symptoms both at work and more generally. 

On 7 February we are running a second session, this time targeting line managers, colleagues and anyone interested to know more.   We hope this will enable  better support of colleagues, family members and friends who are going through menopause.

The workshop is free and will be run via Zoom on 7 February from 12.30-1.30.  Register

In the meantime, to find out more, and read case studies from colleagues around the University of their experience of menopause, go to the Menopause in the workplace webpages

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