University retains prestigious HR Excellence in Research Award

The University’s support for researchers has been recognised by the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award (HREiR) and we are pleased to announce that we have retained the prestigious award at our 10 year review.

The award has been retained in recognition of our alignment to the Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers 2019 and commitment to meeting its principles. The HREiR principles are documented in the Concordat which the University signed in April 2021 and our Action Plan published in April 2022.

The HREiR award recognises the measures that the University has taken to improve working conditions and career development opportunities for researchers. The award is increasingly expected by research funders, demonstrates the University’s commitment to meeting the principles of the European Charter and Code, and is recognised by research collaborators and job applicants as an indicator of good practice in the support and development of our researcher community. 

The UK wide award process requires an institution to engage with researchers and other stakeholders, to reflect on practice and support of researchers, and to identify specific actions to enhance the experience and career progression of these researchers. The University's report on its achievements over the period January 2020 to June 2022 and action plan for the period to 2025 is available from our HR Excellence in Research webpage.