The Confident Manager

The Confident Manager (TCM) is a flexible and innovative programme delivered by POD, which aims to develop excellent people management skills and knowledge for managers across the University, including professional services, researcher and academic communities.

Delivering greater flexibility to managers

We launched TCM last October, with participants attending either a ‘cohort’ or ‘run’ of 3-4 learning events. Since then, around 190 participants have attended at least one session. The programme has been well received; although as you’d expect, we’ve had learnings along the way which have enabled us to make some changes to further improve the participant experience.

From the new academic year, we will move to a modular approach to allow colleagues to choose from a range of workshops and masterclasses, rather than needing to commit to a set programme. This approach will provide managers greater flexibility about what they attend and when, to fit in with their development plans and schedules. It’ll also enable us to deliver more of the modules most in demand. 

How to participate

For anyone within HR who manages a team and would like to attend, you can book a session after speaking to your line manager about your development needs (If you are due to have your PDR conversation this is a great time to talk about your personal development). These sessions will not only provide the learning specific to the module you select; you’ll also have a great opportunity to work with and learn from peers across the University.

Contribute to a TCM masterclass as a subject matter expert

HR colleagues are also invited to contribute to the TCM masterclass modules as subject matter experts. Masterclasses provide an opportunity to support managers with their development in specialist areas such as wellbeing, EDI and health and safety. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, please do get in touch.