Self-assessment checklist

In light of difficult ongoing circumstances, and the pressures we all continue to face, it has been decided not to run the annual data collection survey exercise for the calendar year 2020 (the HR Audit).

However, feedback from previous years’ surveys has indicated that some departments find the checklist to be a useful mechanism for reviewing and reflecting upon their HR practice and for checking on key areas of compliance.

We have therefore reviewed and updated the self-assessment checklist, and it is available for you to download and use, if you wish.

We have expanded the checklist to include various developments which took place throughout 2020, and links are provided throughout to key process guidance documents. General guidance on how to use the checklist is provided on page 1 of the document.

Please note, thechecklist has been provided as a purely optional resource for those departments who wish to use it. There is no requirement to complete it.  If you do decide to use it, and identify any issues which you would like help in addressing, please contact your HRBP, as normal.  

Download the checklist

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