New HR Support website goes live

The Personnel Services website has a new format and a new name. The Policy and Reward sections of the old site are now HR Support and other section of the old site (SIT, HRIS, HR Analytics) have moved into standalone websites. We hope you will find the new site an improvement. We have reviewed and restructured some areas of content but tried to retain elements that we know were popular such as a comprehensive A-Z, templates store, and information set out in an employee life-cycle structure.

For a short period some redirects are in place from the old sites, but please update any links and bookmarks you have. 

The new HR Support site is a work in progress. W e have worked hard to get it ready for our go live deadline but we know there will be teething problems. Please email if you find problems, broken links etc. We also have an ongoing programme of policy reviews over the next couple of years. We really welcome your feedback so please email with any comments or suggestions.

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